From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Enough With the Gloom and Doom

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As you all know my aunt is not doing well at all. It’s quite stressful at times, but I have still gotten out for a few hours here and there over the past few weeks. I was looking through my pictures and found some steelhead that have never made it to the blog. The last trip up there with Bob and his son Mike was spectacular. We hammered them on indicators and egg representations. It was steelhead crazy! The Salmon River in Pulaski, New York was taken over by three weirdos :) It was a great time and the photos made me smile, it’s what fishing is all about… fun. It allows you to escape from all of your problems for a little while. These are not even all of the pictures!!!! IT was a great time and made me forget about my aunt for a while!

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – A Nice Afternoon Steelheading with Bob and Mike

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I could not get up until 9:30, so after hitting up Fat Nancy’s in Pulaski, New York for some supplies, I was on the river by two. The crowds were VERY light so we had our choice of spots. We all did excellent. The Salmon River did not disappoint! We did very well with switch and Spey rods with indicators and egg patterns. We had some fresher steelhead in the mix along with some older “holding” fish. Who cares what they look like when you are having fun with two great friends!

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – First fish of the New Year a Little Late :)

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I got out on New Years Day to a small limestone stream in eastern Pennsylvania. The water was slightly high, but the fishing was decent. I fished a dry fly with two dropper nymphs. The trout were all wild brown trout from 6 to 12 inches. It was not a bad start to a New Year! From the pictures that you will see from the past two weeks you’ll see that it’s been really good so far!

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – You know you have a problem when

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….you have Umpqua Shimizaki dry fly shake in you bathroom. Dry fly Floatant in with the toothbrushes, shaver, and the other toiletries looks a little weird but it means that you are really hardcore 😉 Or maybe it means that I can’t wait to cast dries to rising fish???


From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Steelhead Bonanza!!! Warning Photo Heavy :)

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I made another journey up to Pulaski, New York as the steelhead bug has bitten me hard this year. I said I wasn’t going to go, to the Salmon River but after a great trip in October, I’ve been going almost every week since! We have doing great using egg patterns fished under strike indicators using spey and switch rods. Here are are you a “few” fish for your enjoyment :)

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Tom is Back

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He moved to Georgia and went fishing in those wonderful trout streams down there. After catching stocker after stocker, with some smallish wild brown trout in the mix. He heard the large wild brown trout of Pennsylvania calling his name… literally. This caused him to immediately pack up and head back. I can’t wait to go get them with him soon! He came just in time as freezing our buttocks in the winter is out favorite. We are finally going to get him steelhead fishing soon. I can’t wait for that.

He will be at all the Fly Fishing Show showing off his exceptional tying skills!


From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – My New Years Resolution

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As many of you don’t know I came from an impoverished family. My “father” left me in a park fishing when I was six and told me, “I’m not dealing with this Sh– anymore.” I haven’t seen him since. My sisters and I were abused, I was foolish enough at nine years old to think that child services would help me. I’ll never forget it, I was packed up, woke my now dead stepfather up and hit him in the face with a bat knocking him out, only to be returned a few days later to the beating of my life. I wasn’t allowed to go to school for two weeks because I was so bruised. Shortly after my mother died of a drug overdose. Then I was bounced around from from my aunts to my grandma. I would be moved whenever I pissed one of them off it was rough. But I always had good friends. I always had my grandpa till I was 14 then he passed away and the first words out of my aunt’s mouth was the honeymoon is over, no more fishing. My aunt took custody of me for the money the received from the government and my father’s child support, which was supposed to me used for me, not her bills. When I turned 18 she literally threw everything I owned out of the house because I wasn’t worth any money to her. I wad on my own since. I was the first in my family to graduate college, I was really motivated because I didn’t want to hang gutters for a living.

So tonight with my new girlfriend, I drove by where I grew up here in Paterson and realized that here I 35 and I have to put all this behind me. I have to forget about the bad, stop holding grudges and leave it all behind. It’s time to celebrate what I’ve done and not focus on the many potholes in the road that I faced for over half of my life.

Here is a picture that I took of the tree that we planted for my mother when I was 9, which was 26 years ago.

I wishy grandpa were here to see what has transpired since I was a kid with a fly rod :)


From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – I Can’t get Enough!

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Back up to Pulaski, New York for some more steelhead with my new Nautilus NV Spey reel. What an awesome reel. It fought these fish in 1,750 cfs like a champ! That’s a very high flow for the Salmon River, but with such a great drag system it makes fighting the fish much easier. Most of the fish on were taken mid river, with a few caught in the fly zone. I had no camera man so I took the photos the best I could!

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – The Birthday Fishing and Swimming Trip…

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IMG_1607I fish almost everyday, but I still make sure to go on my birthday :) My friend made the comment, stay home you don’t to have to fish on your birthday… that was a mistake! I got to the stream it’s a limestone stream in Eastern. There are a good many wild brown trout in it. The catching was going to be good, but was unexpected was the bath that I was going to take! Overall wet or not it was still a great way to spend my birthday. I fished in peace and solitude and came home to a great birthday dinner with my closest of friends.

From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – I Can’t Stop Myself…

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from going to the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York! The fishing is getting into winter mode, but it is still great. Lot’s of fish, frozen reels and all of the joy that comes with winter is occurring right now! I headed up with Heath and we hooked tons of steelhead, some fresh fish, but mostly older males that have been in the river for some time. Any washed out egg pattern crushed them! We even took some browns trout as well. I fished mainly bottom bouncing while Heath fished with the indicator rig. The day started off at a “balmy” 28 degrees, but only went down from there!